A PDF version of my CV is available here.


Online Communities

Over the last decade, online communities have been growing vastly and are becoming an important part of life for large number of people. Large growth and their importance have attracted a lot of attention from researchers in different fields such as information science, computer science, and psychology. In my research, I am interested in building the bridge between information science and psychology by applying technologies to design interventions in online communities to study different aspects of those communities. Particularly I am interested in studying the challenges of encouraging participation, and socialization of newcomers. In my prior work, I have studied user participation in community-based systems such as recommender systems and social networking sites. Over last three years, I have been working in the field of socialization of newcomers.

Social Navigation

In my PhD dissertation work, I studied the phenomena of "social navigation" in information spaces. Social navigation, defined as "navigation towards cluster of people", happens very often in the physical world. We tend to follow traces of other people especially those with whom we share goals, interest, and opinions. In my research, I studied how social navigation can be implemented in information space and how it affects users' behavior.